What is the 21 Day Fix Schedule?

The 21 Day Fix schedule involves a different set of exercises for each day of the week. This helps prevent you from becoming bored with the workout, helps to work all areas of the body equally, and promotes overall fitness. In addition to weight and measurement changes, you’ll see a boost in your overall energy level.

What is the 21 Day Fix Schedule?

The 21 Day Fix schedule is a workout plan spanned over 21 days. It will help you to incorporate exercise into your daily routine even when you don’t have a lot of free time to spare. It takes only 30 minutes per day to work your way towards your goals and increase your overall health and fitness levels.

The use of the optional double workout will help you to reach your goals faster and is great for anyone who has more time to exercise or is at a higher level of fitness. You may choose to add the optional double workout every day of the week, alternate days, or on days where you have time. One way or the other, this program is all about results and making long-term changes that will help you to reach and maintain your goals for the rest of your life.

This workout plan may not take a lot of time out of your day, but the results are substantial nonetheless. Your cardiovascular fitness and endurance will improve. Your metabolism will boost and make it easier for you to burn calories even at rest.

For those of us who need modification (i.e., me), the workouts provide instructions for following a person who is doing less, working hard or working out with different equipment (like bands). In the first video, I couldn’t do the Surrender exercise without killing my knees. I opted to hold on to the counter top to help me perform a few of those. You should always modify workouts to suit your needs and level of fitness.

Weight Watchers Points

You can count your weight watchers activity points is you’re on the weight watcher’s program. Your point values vary based on your weight, exercise duration and intensity level. When I entered  30 minutes of regular gym aerobics for this activity, the calculator returned 3 activity points. When I entered 30 minutes of yoga, the calculator returned 2 activity points. I’ll take 2-3 activity points for 30 minutes of exercise any day.

Regular exercise helps to ward off cardiovascular disease, decreases your risk of diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. Your endocrine system will have to work less to keep all the hormone levels in your body stable. Your sleep quality will improve, and your stress and anxiety levels will decrease. Additionally, exercise is a mood enhancer and energy booster so you’ll feel better throughout the entire day.

21 Day Fix ScheduleFree21dayfixschedule

The 21 day fix schedule will ensure all muscle groups are getting equal attention, will keep you interested, and each component can be adapted to suit your particular fitness level. This handy schedule will help make sure you are using each of the exercise components to their fullest advantage, will prevent boredom and will help you reach your goals.

Click here to download a free printable 21 day fix schedule.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
DAY 1Total Body Cardio Fix DAY 2Upper Fix DAY 3Lower Fix or Barre Legs DAY 4Pilates Fix or Flat Abs DAY 5Cardio Fix DAY 6Dirty 30 DAY 7Yoga Fix
DAY 8Total Body Cardio Fix DAY 9Upper Fix DAY 10Lower Fix or Barre Legs DAY 11Pilates Fix or Flat Abs DAY 12Cardio Fix DAY 13Dirty 30 DAY 14Yoga Fix
DAY 15Total Body Cardio Fix DAY 16Upper Fix DAY 17Lower Fix or Barre Legs DAY 18Pilates Fix or Flat Abs DAY 19Cardio Fix DAY 20Dirty 30 DAY 21Yoga Fix
Optional DoublePilates Fix Optional DoubleCardio Fix Optional Double10 Minute Fix for Abs Optional DoubleTotal Body Cardio Fix Optional DoubleUpper Fix Optional DoublePilates Fix

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