Weight Watchers vs Beach Body

Weight Watchers vs Beach Body – which one is better? Well, that depends on what it is that you’re looking to do. At the most basic level, it’s more of a preference because each has activity and a food plan. When it comes to Weight Watchers, you’re looking at counting smart points, and activity points versus Beach Body’s 21-Day Fix plan where you pre-measure food and complete 30 minutes of exercise. Beach Body feels more prescribed, but let’s look at each of the programs individually so that you can make the best decision for you.

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Beach Body – 21 Day Fix

The 21-day fix program by Beach Body has two components to it. The first one is a workout plan – it is called the simple fitness plan. Tt’s a 30-minute daily workout that has different workout routines:

  • Upper Fix: is resistance training cardio fix helps you burn calories and may include things like Burpee’s and other cardiovascular exercises
  • Pilates Fix: is intended to strengthen and elongate your muscles
  • Lower Fix: is strength training for your lower portion of your body
  • Yoga Fix: helps improve flexibility and balance
  • Total Cardio Fix: helps increase your heart rate

The second part of the plan the food program where you use color-coded containers to determine what type of food you can each and how much.

  • Shakeology Shaker Cup-protein drinks
  • Orange Containers- oils and seeds
  • Red-protein
  • Purple-fruit
  • Blue-cheese or healthy fats
  • Green-vegetables
  • Yellow-carbohydrates

Weight Watchers

Weight watchers, on the other hand, uses activity points to encourage exercise.Weight Watchers vs 21day With activity points, you have the freedom to do any exercise. There’s no specific program or video that you have to follow. You get to choose what it is that you want to do.

However the freedom that comes with Weight Watchers can also be its downfall. Sometimes when you’re not required to do a certain exercise, you can either get too repetitive in your routine and do the same cardio over and over again. You could also get bored, and uninterested in going to the gym or out for a walk.

When it comes to food, you also have more freedom. You can eat all the fruits and vegetables that you want and pretty much not have any Smart point allocation for the day. There’s no measuring when it comes to fruits and vegetables, and you have the freedom to choose what it is that you want to eat. The downside is you have to count your smart points, track them, and don’t go over your daily or weekly allotment.

Weight Watchers vs Beach Body

If you need a structured plan following the 21-day program by beach body might be better for you. If you like freedom, then following the Weight Watchers plan would be a better solution for you. You have to track a lot more on the weight watchers program, but with the 21-day program, you have to plan ahead. So you see, when it comes to Weight Watchers vs Beach Body, it really is about preference. Of course, that could be said for many diet programs.

If you want to follow both the Beach body plan and the Weight Watchers plan, you can! Click here to get your 21-day fix food list that’s converted to weight watchers Smart points or click here to get the points plus food list.

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  1. This isn’t exactly true though. With Beachbody you have access to many different workouts and the freedom to choose which you do.