Weight Watchers Couples

Can it Work?

Considering joining the Weight Watchers community as a couple? The pros can definitely outweigh the cons when dieting together, if love and encouragement are paramount. Furthermore, couples who seek to eat more healthily and mindfully can share in the challenges and roadblocks, the goal-setting and perseverance, and ultimately the victories of this path. If you’re already motivated to begin, save yourself $10 by signing up through my referral link with Ebates.

Now, what can couples on Weight Watchers expect?

weight watchers couples

Friendly Competition

Some couples are highly motivated when a little friendly competition is introduced into their relationship. And making tangible progress on your weight and health goals is no different! 

One important thing to remember is that men tend to lose weight more quickly than women due to their higher metabolism from muscle mass. So as long as you’re not comparing and competing as to the number of pounds you each lose, it can be exciting to track milestones together.

Instead, friendly, motivating competition can be fostered with couples who set workout challenges, number of days biking to work, sodas skipped, healthy lunches packed, or anything that makes sense to you.

Healthy Meal Times Together

We all would love more relaxed, family-centered meal times. But what can couples do when they’re on a new diet to actually enjoy meal prep and meal times together?

  • You share a fridge, pantry, and now a Weight Watchers point system! Your journey together could start by cleaning out your kitchen and donating or tossing the junk food.
  • Seek new, healthy recipes you both enjoy to add to your repertoire of meals.
  • If desired, you can start cooking, meal planning, or shopping together, or split up the duties to lighten the load of a new way of eating.
  • Whenever possible, sit down together for dinner, rather than eating in front of the TV or on the go. 
  • Take your time eating and visiting over mealtimes.
  • Light candles.
  • Pick or purchase flowers for the table.
  • Bring out the nice dishes and linens. 

Healthy Socializing and Entertainment for Couples

Parties and restaurants can cause us to let down our guard when it comes to eating well. Here are some ideas to change it up:

  • Make decisions together about attending parties and gatherings where food may be tempting. 
  • Challenge each other with a “one drink” or “one small dessert” goal for a night at a party.
  • If a restaurant visit is on the horizon, discuss ahead of time whether you want to order drinks or stick to water, split a meal, forgo dessert, etc.
  • You can be receptive to your partner’s wishes while gently challenging both of you to have a healthy plan in mind when it comes to social events.

Active Dates and Quality Time for Couples

Break out of the rut of collapsing on the couch in front of the television or going out for dinner and a movie. Choose active dates that encourage you both to try something new, get outside, play a new sport or game, and don’t focus on foods. Have fun, burn calories, experience the high of endorphins, and develop new hobbies and habits that promote lifelong health. Some ideas:

  • Identify some healthy friends and buddy up with them for more active double date ideas.
  • Pack a healthy picnic and walk to the park.
  • Try a new biking trail.
  • Go tubing or kayaking.
  • Try geocaching, or create a treasure hunt for one another.
  • Walk downtown and take in the sights.
  • Listen to the string quartet in the park or jazz on the waterfront.
  • Rollerblade or ice skate.
  • Sign up for dancing lessons.
  • Find an aerobics or yoga class you both would enjoy.
  • Set up a badminton or volleyball net.
  • Volley some balls on the tennis court.
  • Play catch or frisbee in the backyard.
  • Enjoy a swim date.

More Encouragement Tips for Weight Watchers Couples

  • Be mindful of times when you feel tempted, depressed, or craving something unhealthy. Ask your partner for help switching gears, pouring you a glass of water, or going for a walk with you.
  • Compliment, encourage, and empathize with your partner. 
  • Avoid focusing on what your significant other can improve on. Instead, take responsibility for yourself first and foremost.
  • Laugh a lot, have fun, and celebrate both the challenge and the little victories.

Inspirational Weight Watchers Couples

  • Mike and Rose kicked their couch potato ways together as newlyweds, welcoming their first baby in the process.
  • Jimmy and Robyn were “battle buddies” in weight loss, slimming down and hitting the trail and the golf course together.
  • Matt and Megan were partners in law school and in choosing a healthier lifestyle, losing 100 pounds combined.

Bottom line, because healthy eating is part of a bigger lifestyle shift, Weight Watchers couples can grow and succeed together as they make positive changes for life!

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