Weight Watchers 2018 Program Changes and Review

Since it was founded in 1963, Weight Watchers has grown to be an internationally heralded weight loss solution. The program continues to be enhanced and revamped to include the most up to date nutrition research. Following are a few of the Weight Watchers 2018 program changes I’ve been able to discover so far, and a review of some of the improvements. Obviously, Weight Watchers is going to keep specifics under wraps until the big buy season, which happens right after Christmas.

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Weight Watchers 2018 Program Changes

Freestyle Program

SmartPoints are here to stay! The good news is that many foods have gone down in SmartPoints value and no foods have gone up in SmartPoints. That should bring joy to many of us who find the SmartPoints system hard to follow.

New Freestyle Zero Point Foods

Wanna know what the new zero SmartPoints foods are? Here you go!

  • Fish and shellfish
  • Skinless chicken  and turkey breast
  • Eggs and egg whites
  • Non-fat plain yogurt (yay!)
  • Tofu
  • Peas, beans, lentils, and corn

Of course, veggies and fruit are still zero points (except potatoes, avocados, and olives). That should help many of us stay on track now!

SmartPoint Rollovers

You also get “rollovers now”. Rollovers allow you to have 4 SmartPoints that aren’t used in one day rolled over into your bank of weeklies. That means on those days where you don’t use them, you don’t lose them. On days where you need them the most, you get to have them. Also a great change!

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Less Daily SmartPoints

Here’s the kicker. With the new Freestyle program, the number of daily SmartPoints you get has decreased. I went from 37 to 28 SmartPoints!!!  Ugh. I suppose that forces me to eat more the zero point foods, which is probably the point.  I will embrace the change and let you know how it fares down the line.

Home Delivery

One of the biggest things that might be coming in 2018 is home delivery of food! How awesome would that be? This may have something to do with Oprah’s involvement with Weight Watchers, and now everyone’s favorite lady might be coming out with a line of healthy frozen food versions of her own (like her cauliflower/mashed potato entree that’s supposed to be delish).

Weight Watchers has filed a patent application for a “smart portions” delivery service. It might look something like what they have going on with Chef’d. The company has partnered with Weight Watchers to produce a meal plan that’s custom tailored to the program and that they approve. I’m really looking forward to learning more about this one, and to me it would be one of my favorite Weight Watchers 2018 program changes.

Food Calculations

I’ve always appreciated the fact that the brand has always been able to take complicated nutrition information and turn it into a simple number using their innovative algorithm. In the past, the plan’s algorithm was centered on broad categories that included calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Now, using their new formula, Weight Watchers looks at the kind of fat in a specified food, for example, with saturated fats being more heavily pointed. Also, sugar and carbohydrates are calculated separately. The good news is that there are no increases in point values for foods this year. Hooray! I already shared the bad news so if you skimmed this post…go back up!

Minor Tweaks and Improved Special Offers

Other than that, they’ll make minor tweaks and improve the current offers, but with the rise in subscribers and the loss of 40 pounds by Oprah, I don’t expect to see many changes to the SmartPoints program. It seems like everything Oprah associates herself with turns to gold, and she’s definitely added a boost the Weight Watchers brand. Nobody’s really expecting too many Weight Watcher 2018 changes because the program’s great where it currently stands.

Same Attractive Promotion

Weight Watcher’s will continue their “join free promotion” (lose 10 lbs. and your first two months are on us).  After all, when you come up with a promotion that works, why not stick to it? Talk about incentive! Besides ending up with the first two months for free, you’ll feel motivated to stick to the program for the long term because you’ll have proof positive that it works – the 10 pounds you lost.

I hope you’ve found these Weight Watchers 2018 program changes helpful. I’m a firm believer in the plan, and if you haven’t tried it yet, join and get ready to see real results. Click here to get the best deal.

Weight Watchers 2018 Program Changes

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19 thoughts on “Weight Watchers 2018 Program Changes and Review

  1. I do not like the smart points can’t lose have tried. Need something new lots of people having trouble quit ww cause I was losing slow did everything and for 2 months I lost .2 tenths of a pound very discouraging I use to be a life time member. Stayed with weight watchers plan gained all but 4 lbs did everything by book.

  2. Personally, I love the program as it is. I’ve lost 125 pounds in 14 months and have less than 20 pounds to go. So I’m hoping there are no changes.

  3. I love this program. I have lost 30 pounds since the end of March. I made Lifetime 20 years ago. I never did well on the Smart Points program and quit. I ended up gaining 50 pounds after I quit. I have 30 pounds to go to reach my goal and plan on sticking with it.

    • Are you eating all of the points ? Like your ww points plus your weekly points ?
      I hardly ever touch the weekly points Z
      I started end of August and have lost 11 pounds .
      It is slow .

  4. I hate the WW plan as it is – I gained weight on it and quit WW. I wish they would go back to the old plan. None of the changes seem to be anything of interest to me.

    • I agree on the old program. I lost 65 lbs and then they changed the program and couldn’t lose. And now I heard they are changing the WW program again. I’m staying clear of paying them anymore money just to make them rich while I get poor and heavier. I have all the information from when I first started WW so I’ll use that.

  5. I started WW the last week in September 2017 I have lost 15 pounds. I have used all my points daily and some weeks I use all my Extras and go figure those weeks I lost more then your typical 1 pound. I do log everything that goes into my mouth, I find it really easy to follow. I hope the changes for 2018 are not to crazy.

  6. I agree on the old program. I lost 65 lbs and then they changed the program and couldn’t lose. And now I heard they are changing the WW program again. I’m staying clear of paying them anymore money just to make them rich while I get poor and heavier. I have all the information from when I first started WW so I’ll use that.

  7. I love the current smart points program! I’ve lost 53 lbs since March 1 and feel better than I’ve ever felt. I use nearly all of my daily points everyday and the weeklys vary based on what I have going on. On an average week, I don’t use most of them, but I’ve had some weeks where I’ve used all of them (usually birthdays, holidays, etc…). Overall, very pleased with the current program. Hope they don’t change too much, but I really like the idea of food delivery. I wonder if it will be kind of like the kits where they deliver the ingredients (like blue apron, hello fresh, etc…) or frozen or freeze dried prepared meals? I’d be interested in the fresh kit idea. Thanks for posting!

  8. I fast forwarded to December 7th which is my first weigh-in day after the new program goes into effect and it showed my smart points dropping from 33 per day to 26. I’m hoping that the new free or zero point proteins will help with that reduction in that eating them won’t cost me any points. I do think this will be a big change and am interested to find out all the details, however, I also believe that pushing Old cookbooks and products does a disservice to the Weight Watchers members. Everyone thinks they’re getting a bargain and then the point values Etc are obsolete.

  9. 45 = 35
    44 = 34
    43 = 33
    42 = 32
    41 = 32
    40 = 31
    39 = 30
    38 = 29
    37 = 28
    36 = 28
    35 = 27
    34 = 26
    33 = 25
    32 = 25
    31 = 24
    30 = 23 This is the new chart I am seeing all over, this says that the lowest your points can be will be 23 not 30 as stated above. Just wondering which is right?

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