Weight Watchers 2017 Program Changes and Review

What’s in store for Weight Watchers 2017? Weight Watchers has been pretty much silent about changes coming, but I’ll share what I’ve found in this Weight Watchers 2017 Program Review.

The Biggest Change to the Weight Watchers 2017 Program

Perhaps the biggest changes to the Weight Watchers2017 program is leadership. CEO Jim Chambers resigned in September, and the company is seeking to find a replacement. Oprah gets to help with this, so I’m excited to see who they choose. Too bad Gayle already has a job. The stock price is down to about a third of what it was at the peak of the Oprah announcements. Revenues are also plummeting, and the negativity around Smart Points doesn’t help.

Weight Watchers 2017 Program Changes

From a points perspective, there aren’t many Weight Watchers 2017 program changes. Weight Watchers 2017They’ve added a new program that gets you a discount on the Apple Watch. But, be careful, if you terminate early you can be charged $304 the first month and less as you stay with the program. You effectively save $125 on the watch if you use this method. Not a bad deal if you truly want both programs.

Note: If you want the new program click my referral link here to get a $10 gift card, the latest Weight Watchers promotion (sometimes $20-$100 in incentives), and $5-$10 back from Ebates. Plus if you use a reward credit card, you’ll get that bonus too. There are so many ways to save on the Weight Watchers 2017 program.  

Weight Watchers continues to update the app. They typically release a new change every month, but they are mostly to fix bugs and crashes.  There aren’t as many crashes these days, which is nice.

Smart Points Are Here to Stay for 2017

Weight Watchers 2017 program still includes the new point calculations called SmartPoints and FitPoints.

What are Weight Watcher Smart Points?

Smart Points replace the old points plus system. They’re  focused on getting you to eat healthy,  more filling foods. If you thought South Beach diet was similar, you might be right.

  • Calculating SmartPoints: SmartPoints are created from a formula that includes calories, protein, sugars and saturated fat. Point are calculated with calories and decrease as you add protein and increase as you add saturated fat and sugars.
  • Weekly SmartPoints Allocation: Everyone starts with a target of 30 daily SmartPoints. You may get extra depending on the results of your initial assessment. You will also get a weekly allotment of SmartPoints depending on your weight, gender, etc. The absolute lowest number of weekly SmartPoints allocation is 14 based on a conversation I had with the expert chat team. However, 14 is very rare. Most people get between 21 and 35 weekly SmartPoints.
  • Protein: Proteins that are lean are the best choices for low smart point values. In fact, lean meats are often 1-2 points less per serving than they were on the PointsPlus program. Think tuna, turkey, lean ham, and chicken.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Fruits and Veggies are free! Except for high starch veggies like potatoes. If you decide to juice your fruits and veggies, you’ll need to count the points because you’re removing the fiber. As far as freezing fruit and eating them unblended, I have word from my coach that this is fine. Zero points that is. (insert Yoda voice)
  • Sugar and sweets: Snacks hit you hard on the Weight Watchers 2017 program. Most snacks are a few points higher than they were on Points Plus. If you reduce the amount of snacks you have, you’ll do great on this program.

Weight Watchers 2017 Review

After a year of being on the new Weight Watchers program, I can say that when I stick to it exactly…I lose weight. When I mess up and go off track, I don’t do great. The difference between what I do and what most people do is that I don’t give up. This is why I’ve been able to lose weight and keep it off over the years.

There are so many avid Weight Watcher’s fans that are frustrated with the new Smart Points system. I have always said that if an older system works better for you, you should stick with it.

The only person who knows your body is you. If your body doesn’t respond to the new Smart Points system but, responds nicely to Points Plus, then by all means…do Points Plus! Just because Weight Watchers doesn’t support Points Plus, doesn’t mean you can’t find a program or app that still works. Do a search in Apple’s Appstore or Google Play for Weight Watchers Points Plus to find an app that works for you. My quick search turned up at least ten right off the bat.

Most folks who want to go back to the old system or who want to pay less for WW, should use the itrackbites app. It’s one of the best out there. It costs $3.99 with a recipe builder add on for $1.99 as well as a restaurant guide for $1.99. It tracks Smart Points, Points Plus, and the old Points program. The possibilities are endless.

I said it last year, and I’ll say it again, Weight Watchers exists to make money for its shareholders, and they do it by changing the program and marketing the heck out of it. Hence, the Oprah effect. I believe if Oprah weren’t on board with Smart Points, the stock price of Weight Watchers after the loss of their CEO would be well below $10 per share. Weight Watchers was SMART for partnering with her.

Overall, I give the  Weight Watchers 2017 program two thumbs up. Mostly because it works and is focused on the right things: healthy, filling foods combined with exercise. BUT, YOU MUST DO THE WORK.

Whats in Store for 2017?

I’m continuing with the Weight Watchers 2017 program, but with a few changes. Firstly, I’m making small, lasting changes. I’m analyzing my food habits and seeing how my body reacts to a new one over the span of 7-14 days. This means that I’m tracking and journaling daily!

One thing that I’ve found is that I don’t have as many cravings I when I start my day with protein and add carbs after lunch. I literally can last an entire morning on two cups of decaf and one egg. That’s 2 Smart Points if I don’t use creamer.

Secondly, I’m going to focus on ONE bad habit that I’d like to break. I think this is 2 PM carb binge. In 2016, I focused on removing caffeine from my life. This wasn’t easy and cost me a few weeks of nagging headaches. But, it was well worth it.

If you want to make a change in your life, start small and don’t give up just because you didn’t have a perfect day. Look for progress. Was today better than yesterday? If so, you’re making progress! If not, what do you need to do to change that? Make slow and steady progress to the person you want to be. AND DON’T GIVE UP ON YOU.


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28 thoughts on “Weight Watchers 2017 Program Changes and Review

  1. Thank you for keeping us up to date on everything. I personally like the SmartPoints plan. This is my second journey with Weight Watchers. The first time I used the old points system, although this was 4 or 5 years ago, I lost 40 pounds. This time, I WILL lose around the same, but I will live healthy too, while using the new plan.

  2. I’ve left WW twice because they changed the program when it was working for me. They talked up the food plan changes in the meetings all the time (it felt like brainwashing), and yet the personal support I got in the meetings was very important to me, so I was torn about leaving. In your 2017 review you say many avid WW fans are still frustrated with the Smart Points program. And WW doesn’t listen to us about that, even though their stock prices have dropped dramatically. I’ve been away from WW for months but have maintained my 25 lb wt loss. My employer pays for my membership as part of its health workplace efforts, so I guess I’ll go back to WW and see if I can lose the last 25 lbs. I just wish WW was more member-friendly and less of a dog-and-pony show.

    • Jody – I hear you. But…they are in business to make $$. With your employer discount, WW is a deal. If you lose weight, it’s well worth the $$ for sure! There are many folks who like the Smart Points program and are successful. When I follow the plan, it works well!

  3. I was a WW quite a few years ago when they were doing Points Plus. I did very well and earned my lifetime status. As the years have passed I stopped going to meetings and the weight has been put back on. I have had mixed feelings about going back to WW because of the negativity about the new Smartpoints program. I came across your blog today and am so happy I did. After reading your info on the smartpoints program I will be going back to WW. I appreciate your positive attitude.

    Thank You

  4. I remember seeing a Trader Joe’s Weight Watchers Smart Points Shopping List on your website. Can’t find it today. Can you direct me to it again?

  5. Like you said, if I stick to the new system perfectly I always lose weight. But if I take a little weekend vacation, it takes 2 or 3 weeks to get back on track and lose extra poundsvery frustrating.

    • I’m in the same boat Hannah. Keep on keeping on. Just keep getting back on the horse when you fall off. It’s not about perfection. Those who stay in the race win.

  6. I am on WW…I started like the very end of Aug. 2016 and I have lost 62.6 pounds on the smart point plan!!! I love this new plan…from the onstart of this plan all of my cravings are gone and I feel great…like instantly my eating habits changed…I hope WW keeps the plan, if you follow it faithfully you should have no problem losing weight…Thing is it’s up to the person how bad they want to lose weight and make changes in their eating habits…

  7. i’ve been part of the smart points program since January and your right if I work it I lose weight if I don’t I won’t! its trying to develop the skills I need to be successful in my journey of being a healthy eater and feeling much better as a result. this is the first time I stuck with it because I really like the program and my leader who I look forward to seeing every wendesday

  8. Hate the new program, for me it doesn’t work. I’m not a big meat eater .Points Plus way better program with plenty of flexibility. I could never maintain for life on Smart Points. For me it’s Points Plus all the way.

  9. I was always very successful with the points system but at around 2014 they changed it, 2015 tbey changed it and it just seemed they were changing it for the sake of CHANGING it. Smart points didnt work for me. I kept losing and gaining the same 5 lbs. Their prices went up and now i hear ypu have no choice but to give your credit card and good luck leaving the system without getting continually charged. Look at the complaints on consumer affairs. It was an awesome system years ago but the constant changinh of what wasnt broke finally caused me to bail.

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  11. The ONLY WW program that ever worked for me is the original diet and I think I will give it a try. The first two weeks, I lost 13 pounds, then after that, I lost 2 pounds per week. The only week I didn’t lose anything was when I forgot to eat an apple.

  12. I think you said something very key, Weight Watchers “is in business to make money.” When money is your focus, the people suffer. They are losing a lot of lifetime members. What’s a way they can keep them? Keep the Smartpoints (Dumbpoints-I’ll get to that in a moment) but also offer Points Plus. We didn’t get fat from eating lean protein and fruits and veggies all day. Some of us need something more graduated. Give us better choices. Let ME decide how bad the sugar snacks are for my body. As we watch points and lose weight, we will likely start to make different choices. But most people who get fat are emotional eaters. You’ve got to not penalize them for wanting carbs and sugar. It’s what their bodies are used to. It’s the very reason I can’t stick to low-carb diets.
    Why do I think it’s Dumbpoints? Because the idea behind it is to get you to make healthier choices, but is that really the case? I can have the Diet Coke poison for 0 pts or a tiny medjool date for FOUR points! 4 points for a date, one of the most nutritious foods in the world vs empty calories sweetened with a cancer-causing artificial compound? Really? Saturated fats are a no no. Yet not all saturated fats are bad. Some are superfoods! But fat-free frankenfoods are a good choice? I can pick a highly questionable butter substitute (The negative health effects for which are clearly documented) or real butter that’ll cost me big time. Doesn’t feel like food freedom anymore. My husband and I are both hungry. The focus is so much on protein that if the entire world ate this Smart way, there would not be enough room to raise all of the animals needed. We don’t have the additional money to focus all of our meals on protein. The vegetarians and vegans on the program are not happy. Not sustainable. People the world over live on beans and rice without being fat. Personally, I think the Slimming World program is more on track with real, healthy weight loss. I lost 25 pounds on Points Plus before I got married and fell off the wagon. I can’t even stick to my daily points target and consistently go 4-10 points over per day. And I feel unsatisfied and hungry.

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  14. I like points plus, variety. I’m not a big egg or meat eater. Really don’t like the knew program. I’m looking for another outlet for accountability.