OBAL 020: No More Headaches! Vacations are Supposed to be Fun

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With all the hard work and long hours you have been putting in, your upcoming vacation is coming at just the right moment. Wherever you are going, this is your time to break from the normal grind and get away. You get everything together. You travel to your destination, wherever it may be. You arrive, ready to decompress. You have plans for three of your seven day vacation, with the other days tagged for relaxation. Within the first day your kids are bored or arguing, the dinner at the restaurant didn’t go well and you were just angry and wanted to go to sleep. On and on and on…. That is the worst. When you are on vacation and the fun meter is pegging out in the negative range. Don’t let this happen to you. Vacations are supposed to be fun! Instead, listen in on our conversation on the four ideas that will keep your vacation fun.

Your Four Ideas to Keep Vacation Fun

  • The first idea is Local Food.  If you decided to visit any place other than your own town, you should make a point to try some of the different foods available in your area. More than likely everybody will be hungry, and trying new things is always fun.
  • The second idea is Mix it up. Nothing wears a kid out more than four days straight of Disneyland. Your intentions are great and you want them to experience everything. But slow down man! We like to mix up our days with some less intense activities.
  • The third idea is Engage with your Kids. Amazingly, a 2006 study by careerbuildier.com found that one in four workers plan to work while on vacation. Unplug folks.
  • The fourth and final idea is Save the Wasted Time. You may be reluctant to buy the upgraded passes but consider it!

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