Uncover Your Buried Dreams

“Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.” – James Dean {Tweet That}

Your Squashed Childhood Dreams

When you were a child, you saw the endless possibilities that our world has to offer. You made declarations of greatness like becoming the president, a rockstar, a famous actor or an artist. You described adventures like exploring the world, flying like a bird, being a hero, and slaying a dragon. Your plans were great, but life got in the way and they became buried in the sea filled with other priorities, negativity, pessimism, and lack of resources.
You continued your journey through life accumulating just the right mix of information and advice that beckoned you along a different path. A path far from your dreams. Maybe you faced a difficult event that left you without resources to move forward or forced you in a different direction. Perhaps your greatest influencer, parent, or teacher laughed at you, petted you on the head, or simply stated that your dream was stupid. Maybe you told yourself that it would never happen, and that you should grow up, stop dreaming, and consider something more realistic. Whatever the reason, it’s time to pause, assess where you’re headed, and give yourself permission to dream again.

Uncover Your Buried Dreams

You might be thinking that you have no dreams, have too many dreams, or have no time or money to pursue them. That’s fine. You don’t have to accomplish your dream in one day. Just take one small step to remember what you wanted to do or be when you were young. Who did you pretend to be?  What did you pretend to do? What was it about that experience that made you happy? Write down your childhood dreams in a journal. All of them.

Today’s Dreams

Once you’ve accumulated a list of childhood dreams, review them to determine if they are still relevant. Move the dreams that you still want to accomplish to the top of your list. Then think about dreams that you have today that you want to fulfill. Write them down.

Once you have a comprehensive list of your dreams, group like items together. Then prioritize them. A good rule of thumb is to start with one dream that you can easily achieve because success with one dream leads to success with another.

Writing down your dreams is the first step in uncovering your purpose. Your dreams, combined with your passion and native genius will bring clarity to your life. {Tweet That} You can start taking steps towards fulfilling your dreams today.  In doing so, you’ll discover more about yourself and your purpose along the way.

What did you discover about yourself as you began to uncover your dreams?

Uncover Your Buried Dreams

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