Trader Joes Weight Watchers Food List

Trader joes weight watchers food listThis week I spend some time at the Trader Joes searching for food that was low in Weight Watcher’s Smart Points values. I found a few gems, so I put together this Trader Joes Weight Watchers food list to share my favorite finds with you.

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For a printable Trader Joe’s list, read this post.

Trader Joe’s Organic Riced Cauliflower

0 Weight Watchers Smart Points

traderjoes-riced-cauliflowerThe Trader Joe’s Organic Riced Cauliflower makes it to the top of my Trader Joes Weight Watchers food list because it’s my absolute favorite find! It’s zero smart points and can be used just like rice. Simply microwave it as I did, or stir-fry it with a little sesame seed oil and you have yourself an amazing substitute for rice. I add a little soy sauce to mine to keep the points low.

Here’s the kicker. It’s really hard to find! I had to to go two Trader Joe’s locations to find a few bags. The one near my home was sold out, so I went to another location, and they had more. I snagged four bags and left some on the shelf for others. If you can’t find any of the riced cauliflower, you can always try to rice your own.

To rice cauliflower, chop the head of your cauliflower into a few pieces and throw it in your blender. Fill the blender with water to cover the top of the cauliflower. Then strain it in the sink until dry. Freeze it using your FoodSaver to put it in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.

Trader Joe’s Pork Gyoza

1 Smart Point for One

Trader Joes Weight Watchers Food List-porkWhat goes best with riced cauliflower and soy sauce? Pork Gyoza does! At only one smart point per pork gyoza, you can’t beat this as a main dish. I usually have 3-5 depending on how hungry I am.

To prepare it, microwave it, throw it in some broth with veggies, or stir-fry it like I did here with a little bit of sesame seed oil. Remember to add four smart points and divide them amongst the number of pork gyoza’s you cook for every one tablespoon of sesame oil.

Trader Joes French Green Beans

0 Weight Watchers Smart Points

Trader Joes Weight Watchers Food List-frenchgreenbeansThese are just beans. So they’re isn’t much to say about why they made it to my Trader Joes Weight Watchers food list. Probably because they’re frozen so, I can get exactly what I want out of the bag, throw them in the microwave and then munch along. I like easy. Can you tell?

Trader Joes Grilled Cauliflower

0 Weight Watchers Smart Points

Trader Joes Weight Watchers Food List-grilledcauliflowerMy family hates cauliflower. They won’t eat it when I make it from fresh, but for some reason, they’ll eat the Trader Joes cauliflower. What gives? I think I’ll keep making the Trader Joes version, for a few more months and then go back to fresh to see if they can tell the difference. I’m sneaky that way.

Trader Joes Soy Chorizo

2 Weight Watchers Smart Points for One Ounce

Trader Joes Weight Watchers Food List-soychorizoSoy chorizo made it to my Trader Joes Weight Watchers food list to my utter surprise. I usually don’t like meat substitutes, but I’ve been trying more and more these days, and this product is absolutely fabulous. My kids love it too although it might be too spicy for most kids.

To prepare the chorizo, I cut the package in half and cook it in a pan that’s coated with Pam. After its fully cooked, I make omelets and put a little less than once ounce in each omelet. I could probably put the full ounce in the omelets, but I assume that the cooked version is lighter than the packaged version, and I want to stay as accurate as I can with my Weight Watchers smart points calculations.

I add spinach, kale, tomatoes and one tablespoon of cheese to the omelet and serve it hot. It fills me up until lunchtime.

Trader Joes Turkey Meatballs

3 Weight Watchers Smart Points for Two

Trader Joes Weight Watchers Food List-turkeymeatballsThese meatballs are bigger than the ones I buy from Sam’s Club, and they seem like they retain their juices better. They’re not as cheap as Sam’s Club, but the come pretty close. I eat these plain, with some marinara sauce or fettuccine alfredo sauce on a bed of veggie noodles. The kids like them in spaghetti. I haven’t bought beef meatballs in years.

Trader Joes’ Organic Animal Crackers

4 Weight Watchers Smart Points for 17 Cookies

Trader Joes Weight Watchers Food List-animalcookiesFinding junk food that’s acceptable on the new Weight Watchers smart points program is hard, so I’m always looking for low smart point snacks to try. I found these animal crackers at Trader Joes and thought I’d give them a try. They’re crunchy and not too sweet, but did the trick and satisfied my cookie craving for a whole handful of them.

Trader Joes Organic Dark Chocolate Bar

2 Weight Watchers Smart Points for 1 Square

Trader Joes Weight Watchers Food List-chocolateIt’s hard to find chocolate that’s low in Weight Watchers smart points, but the Trader Joes Organic Dark Chocolate Bar is a good candidate. Be careful though! If you scan it in with your Weight Watchers app, you’ll be fooled into thinking it’s one smart point per square. It’s not. If you look at the app details for this product, the serving size is 12. They’re counting all of the squares as a serving, but if you turn the bar over you can see that there are 2.5 servings in the bar. You’ll have to manually calculate the smart points on this chocolate bar or trust that I did it right for you.

This chocolate bar makes it to the top of my Trader Joes Weight Watchers food list because it’s the only bar that satisfies my chocolate craving with only one square. If I grab a Hershey’s bar or kisses, I end up eating them all!

Trader Joes Reduced Fat Cheese Puffs

4 Weight Watchers Smart Points for 35

Trader Joes Weight Watchers Food List-reducedfatcheesepuffsI’m a sucker for cheese puffs. I can probably eat an entire bag in one setting if I let myself. When I buy a bag of cheese puffs, it’s best if I put them in individual baggies so I can grab and go instead of mindless eat until the bag is gone. These cheese puffs aren’t as greasy or cheesy as the Cheetos brand, but they’re a great substitute. The Cheetos brand runs about 5 Weight Watchers Smart Points for 13 pieces. You get almost three times the amount for one smart point less with these.

Trader Joes Reduced Fat Cheese Crunchies

4 Weight Watchers Smart Points for 33

Trader Joes Weight Watchers Food List-bakedcheesecrunchiesIf cheese puffs aren’t your jam, you might try the Trader Joes crunchies. Again, everything I said about the cheese puffs applies to the crunchies too. The difference is the puffs are fluffier and bigger than the crunchies, and you get two extra puffs for the same amount of Weight Watchers smart points.

Trader Joes Weight Watchers Food List

I’ll keep looking out for more foods to add to my Trader Joes Weight Watchers food list.  If you have more ideas, please share them in the comments or on our Facebook Page. I’d love to here what you find!

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55 thoughts on “Trader Joes Weight Watchers Food List

  1. Trader Joe’s Chili-Lime Chicken Burger (frozen; 3 SP) topped with 2 Tbsp. of Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Chunk Guacamole (refrigerated; 1 SP) and a slice of tomato. That’s just 4 SmartPoints, plus whatever bread option you choose. Mmm!

  2. Oh, and I love adding the dried wild blueberries to my morning oatmeal. Maybe some of the chopped walnuts too! The nuts are a great bargain there. Also try the mango salsa! Very good.

  3. I love their Healthy 8 veggies (0 sp) which are pre chopped 8 vegetables ready to add to anything. I use it in 1/2 cup cottage cheese or plain yogurt for breakfast, lightly sauteed in an omelette. I add it to salad or add it to soup that is cooking. I also put some in a mini blender to pulse for a few seconds then add it to egg salad or tuna salad. It’s in the refrigerated produce section.

  4. Thank you for your list. I am new to Weight Watchers and it is segments such as yours that give me the confidence that I need to know I will stay on track until my goal is reached.

  5. Thank you so much! I love Trader Joe’s, and go there at least once a week! This is very helpful.
    One thing I just found is TJ’s Pizza veggie burger with tomato basil. Haven’t tried them myself, but my daughter gives them a big ‘thumbs up’.

  6. Trader Joes reduced carb tortilla’s 1 pt- TJ Lite Mozzarella 10z 1 pt- TD salsa 2 tbspn 1 pt
    TG Ghee 1 tspn 2 pt The only thing I could suggest is use your scanner at TD.

    • I have the ghee – it’s awesome. I’ll have to try the reduce carb tortillas next time I’m there. I just picked up a pack from Sprouts and I LOVE them in the airfryer 🙂

  7. Thank you so much! I LOVE TJ’s and actually was just there today. I’m type 2 diabetic – so also trying to balance that with WW. Your list is so very helpful. My personal favorites are:
    The Goya potstickers (which you mentioned)
    Steelcut Oatmeal (2 frozen blocks to a package) $1.69 and 3 min max in the micro! 5 SP’s per serving.
    Veggie Sticks – Potato Snacks (50 sticks/4 sp) $1.99
    FF Organic Spaghetti Sauce w/mushrooms $2.49 (2 sp for 1/2 cup)
    Organic Creamy Tomato Soup (4 sp for 1 cup)
    Microwave Brown Rice (7sp for 1 cup)

    ALL SP values taken off the WW app calculator.

  8. For breakfast I eat the TJ’S Blueberry fiber mini cakes for just 2 points each! That with an egg and bacon is just 6 points… it!

  9. hi everyone having problem finding weight watchers ice ream bars or any ice cream treat looked in a few store no good can you help

    • Yes- they are getting difficult to find these days. I have switched to Skinny Cow, Arctic Ice, and sugar free popsicles if that helps.

  10. I really appreciate all your information. I have been trying to. figure it out.
    You have made it easy for me. Thank you.