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Welcome to Mompreneur Mondays!

Each Monday I’ll post tips, tools, or products that will give your business the edge over your competition. This week I’m reviewing Jon Acuffs latest book, START. START is about finding the dreams that you left in the dust and taking steps to live the life you want to live. Here’s my video review:

I give START 5 awesome stars!  As usual, Jon provides key steps to realizing your dream in his normal witty way. He begins the book with analyzing Dave Ramsey’s patterns to discover 5 stages on the road to awesome. He begins explaining the stages and ties an age to each of them. However, later in the chapter he explains that the ages are no longer relevant.

The 5 stages of awesome include:

  1. Learning – Typically done in your 20s. In this stage you’re sampling many endeavors and discovering yourself.
  2. Editing – This stage typically happens in your 30s.  Here is where you prioritize passions, eliminate old habits, and do more of the things you love.
  3. Mastering – Usually happens at age 40. At this stage you have greater certainty of what you are good at, you have more experience, and you’re next in line to be the expert.
  4. Harvesting – At age 50 you are the expert.
  5. Guiding – At age 60  you hold the key to knowledge, you’re the one with wisdom.

Age no longer matters. Retirement is dead, hope is boss, and anyone can play. Life is now less about how old you are…and more about when you started to live. Well said Jon.

You can purchase this book on Amazon: Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters

So live today my friends…live One BADASS Life!


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