Living in the In-Between – A Review of The In-Between by Jeff Goins

Last week I  introduced to the writings of Jeff Goins, who recently published a book called the The In-Between:Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing.the in-between I love books like this because they inspire me to remember to live in the moment of each day. I’ve spend so much time waiting for the next big thing to happen, that I sometimes forget about the now.

In The In-Between, Jeff encourages readers to focus on the moment. Focusing on living in the now doesn’t come easy to me. I’m a planner, a gal who always thinks two steps in front of the current situation, who identifies and (trys to) mitigate risks and leave no stone unturned. I feel that I have to always be productive because time is short.  These are all good traits, except when I forget to look up. I find myself trying to fill the time void. So instead of enjoying a cup of coffee while I wait for my team members to show up to a meeting, I respond to e-mail, return a call, or check another thing off my to-do list. Instead of enjoying the food that I eat, I mindlessly eat while creating a marketing campaign, managing my project, or reading email. I battle with living in the in-between each and every day.

It’s hard for me to embrace the boring parts of life. The wait at the doctor office, the wait at the checkout line, or the wait until my kid gets on stage to perform his next hip hop routine. So I fill the wait times with activity, because life’s too short and things have to get done. But in that hurried activity,  I miss the beauty in my son’s face as he takes in the latest adventure of Sponge Bob Square Pants. I miss the glance that my husband gave me that was supposed to say I love you. I miss the goofiness of my dog as he chases his tail.

It takes a huge effort for me to live in the moment, but I try to each and every day.  I know that if I simply take in the joy of life, I will find what I’m desperately searching for. The love that I already have, the joy that’s in every moment, the peace that contentment brings. When I embrace living in the in-between, I realize that I’m already living one badass life.

Tammy Helfrich interviewed Jeff on her Right Where You Are podcast.  Be sure to stop by and listen to it. If you want to purchase Jeff’s new book (which is awesome by the way) you can buy it on Amazon using this affiliate link: The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing [A Spiritual Memoir]

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