How to use Instagram for Small Business Marketing

Instagram for Small Business MarketingEvery business has tried out Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. as marketing tools to promote themselves. Yet another marketing tool that has been gaining importance and is equally or even more powerful than others is Instagram for small business marketing.  Ever since the application has been launched, it has lured many people because of the ease with which photos can be taken and the cool filters that can be applied. Sharing pictures on social media has never been this easy or fun.

Initially, this mobile app was only accessible to iPhone users. Now, it has moved into the world of people using Android too. With the growing popularity, Instagram surely has a long way to go.

Statistics have shown that people respond more to pictures than texts. That is why businesses try to incorporate images in their promotional tools. The best part about using Instagram is that even small businesses can incorporate this app in their marketing efforts because the photo sharing program is absolutely free. What’s more is that you can also interact and connect with other users through web generated Instagram profiles. Given its active user base and recognition, Facebook acquired the app in April 2012.  So, if you are running a small business, make the most of Instagram and reach a widespread audience within your budget. Here is how you can use Instagram for small business marketing:

Instagram for Small Business Marketing

  • Before getting started, the first step should be to do some planning. Think about how and what types of images will you are sharing. How will the message of your business be communicated via these graphics? You are not using Instagram for personal profiles but for business purposes. Hence, be more strategic.
  • It would be in your best interest to check out the strategies of your competitors. Keep a look on how their fans are responding to the content they share. Ask yourself: What kind of pictures do their fans like? How will the potential followers begin to prefer your content over others? Doing so will help you to enhance your own business strategy.
  • Since Instagram is a photo sharing app, you may want to consider using it with other social media sites for greater impact on your audience. In this way, your business message will be easily communicated.
  • Using Instagram for marketing your business means that you will have to be really good pictures. Good enough to attract potential customers. Either learn about some photography tricks or hire a professional for the task. Taking classes or working with art students or qualified photographers will help you enhance your photography skills. You should also not hesitate from using Instagram filters that would add more charm to the images taken. Make sure that the pictures you share are quite appealing because Instagram users are creative and savvy. Thus, posting aesthetically engaging pictures should be one of your priorities.
  • A very important tip that you must not forget is the usage of hashtags. Just like Twitter, even Instagram users use hashtags to search for content they are concerned with. For this purpose you can use two types of hashtags:
    • Brand specific hashtags – These hashtags are specifically related to your business name, your products, services or anything else that is associated with your business.
    • Generic hashtags – These hashtags are not brand specific and are general in nature. These hashtags will allow your business to gain attention among people who may not be aware of your business.

Whether you choose to use generic hashtags or brand specific hashtags, you are providing an easy way to users to search for your images.Instagram also offers another amazing feature of geolocation. The geolocation feature, popularly recognized as “Photo Map”, provides yet another opportunity that will engage your followers. With the help of this feature you can tie your pictures to specific location. This in turn will alert users of this particular area about your presence.

Apart from the above, you can post pictures to inform people about the following:

  • Your latest products
  • How your products were made
  • Offer sneak previews of what will be available soon
  • Give the users some tips on how your products can be used.
  • Share pictures from PR actions like brand endorsement activities, product launch events and the like.

Are you read to use Instagram?

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