Inspiring People who Lost Weight and Gained Health

Who doesn’t love a story filled with only good news? With all the drama happening all around the world 24 hours a day, it can be refreshing to take a break and read or watch something inspiring.

Better yet, an inspiring story you can relate to! Have you been at a point in your life where you’ve wanted so badly to lose the weight once and for all?

Inspiring People Who Lost Weight and Gained Health

Maybe you are there now. Have you wondered, what would it really take to make a complete lifestyle 180? How can I lose weight without a fad diet and without dangerous results to my health?

Weight Watchers Inspiring Me

Here at One Badass Life, I enjoy the support of the Weight Watchers community. With its tailor-made plan for gradual, healthy weight loss that is individualized to you, the results are often positive and lasting. It has sure worked for me.

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Inspiring People Who Lost Weight and Healed their Lives

And now, on to those inspiring people we can celebrate with and perhaps emulate. They vary in age, location, and situation, but in many ways, their goal is the same: lose that weight!

Inspiring People Who Lost Weight

An Indiana Couple, Lexi and Danny

Couple loses 400 pounds in inspirational weight loss journey

What greater challenge can you overcome as a married couple than transforming your entire lifestyle and losing a collective 400 pounds?

But against all odds, this Indiana couple did it. Reevaluating their health, taking a hard look at how they used food as therapy, learning to meal plan and cook together, and pushing each other to hit the gym consistently – all were keys to their success.

“The hardest part of our journey was changing our relationship with food,” shares Lexi. But now, the gym is both therapy and quality time well spent for the now fit husband and wife.

Check out our recent article on the success Weight Watchers couples can share on the journey!

Celebrities Open Up About Weight

The Most Stunning Weight Loss Transformations Hollywood Has Ever Seen

An inspiring rundown of celebrities showing their real life battles and victories with weight and overall health. Kirstie Alley, Wendy Williams, Jennifer Hudson, Oprah, and so many more lovely leading ladies.

A Will to Walk Again

Arthur, with help from Diamond Dallas Page

From a disabled veteran 100 pounds overweight who was told he would not walk unassisted again, to . . . well, you will simply have to watch and find out. Many of us do not have nearly this far to go on our journey toward health, and it is inspiring to see someone like Arthur achieve so much. A beautiful video filled with hope.

What do These Inspiring People Have in Common?

In looking at all these healthy achievers, I discovered some commonalities:

  • Taking their “bad days” in stride. Not allowing a setback or even a seeming failure to give them the excuse to call it quits on their goals. Getting right back in the saddle!
  • Persistence in routine, whether with diet or exercise. Waking up every day and deciding, “I will continue to make healthy choices.”
  • Relying on relationships and the accountability of being real with others about your goals and dreams.
  • Developing healthy habits that become natural – rather than relying on will power alone.

Do You Have an Inspiring Story?

Perhaps you are an inspiring story . . . or will be in the near future! Share in our comments below!

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