OBAL 026: Help Wanted! Getting your Teenager a Summer Job.

One Badass Life Podcast - Teenagers Getting a JobAs summer approaches, your teenager is preparing for a nice lazy ten weeks of sitting on the couch watching movies and playing video games. NOT!!! They are getting dangerously close to adulthood and their level of responsibility is resembling that of a 5th grader. As parents we need to provide a little bit of hard love and get them off that couch and looking for a J.O.B. As it is the end of June, a lot of the typical jobs may be taken. However that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there.

A point to discuss quickly as well is that the current job market is pretty rough on teens. In a study released in March of 2014 by Statista.com, the monthly unemployment rate for teenagers in the US dropped from 24% in March of 2013 to 21% in March of 2014. As a comparison to the overall national unemployment, the same time period saw a drop from 7.6% to 6.7%. So the jobs for teenagers are recovering quicker but the overall discrepancy is staggering. That is all the reason more to get our teenagers out there and we are here to help you get started. Today we are going to discuss five strategies to get your teenager a summer job.

  • The first strategy is to Get them Prepared. The first job is always the hardest to stand out from others. Most of the typical employers they are applying to understand this. We talk about the top four items they will need to be prepared.
  • The second strategy is to Hit the Streets. Time for all the preparation to come to fruition. Teenagers have no idea how hard this is going to be. We have to keep them going.
  • The third strategy is to Think Outside the Box. The first choices that a teenager is going to gravitate to will be based on their interests. To help our teenagers to think outside the box talk to them about other jobs that they aren’t thinking about.
  • The fourth strategy is to Get their Entrepreneur On. What better time for teenager to create their own business. The opportunities are large and limited only by their imagination. We talk about a few places that they can start with.
  • The fifth strategy is to Think Beyond This Summer. If your teenager is eating up the entrepreneur work, don’t let it stop once summer is done. Our next generation is going to be led by these young minds as innovators not employee.

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