Free Weight Watchers Tracker – Printable Journal For Weight Watchers

I’m excited to share this free weight watchers tracker that I created especially for you! Please note that this is NOT a Weight Watchers endorsed journal or website. This is a planner for weight watchers, but not the official Weight Watcher’s tracker. It’s free and one of my own design. I hope it helps you on your journey. You can download and print it out here. There’s no Opt-in required – so share this page with a friend!

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Free Weight Watchers Tracker

Here’s how to use the printable Weight Watchers tracker.

Free Weight Watchers TrackerStep 1: Sign up for my free VIP list to make sure you get all of my freebies. —-> Sign up is on the right! Then, mark emails from OneBadassLife as safe. If our email goes to your SPAM, we can’t do anything to help you get the file. You’ll need to mark us as safe with your provider to ensure you get our freebies. Unfortunately, I can’t troubleshoot things I give away for free. There’s simply no time and no resources for this one gal band.
Step 2: Print out the free Weight Watchers tracker file.
Step 3: Write out your weekly and annual goals on the Progress page.
Step 4: Take your measurements and write them down on the Progress page. You don’t need to take your measurements weekly if you don’t want to.
Step 5: Write down affirmations. Affirmations can be anything that inspires or motivates you throughout the day. One of my affirmations is, “I am a strong, healthy, confident woman.”
Step 6: At the end of the week, observe your progress and determine if there are any adjustments that you need to make to get closer to your goals.
Step 7: For Sunday through Monday printable Weight Watchers tracker, do the following:

  • Add today’s date.
  • For the one small thing section, pick one small thing that you’re working on to get you closer to your goals. Mine is currently closing the kitchen at 8pm and retiring to the bedroom. After I master that small action step, I’ll pick another. The goal here is to find a small thing you can get into the habit of doing daily. DO NOT AIM FOR PERFECTION. If you don’t hit your goal that day, assess why in the progress section of your journal and make a plan to either hit that small thing or choose a different small thing. The goal is to make the best choice you can make that day and not be obsessed with failure. That’s not helpful.
  • Check off each circle for every 8oz you drink in the Hydrate section.
  • Track your foods and the number of points they have. If you’re not following a points program, you can write down the number of calories or proteins or whatever you want.
  • Track your activity and the number of points you earn. Again, if you’re not following a points program, you can use this space to write down your exercise and the number of calories you burn or nothing at all. Feel free to doodle and cross out anything that doesn’t work for you. It’s your tracker!
  • Make a few priorities and to-dos for today. Don’t overload yourself. Be reasonable with your time and commitments. Your health is important!

If you’re cutting the free Weight Watchers tracker pages down the middle, it is designed for you to cut on the edge of the left image. For example, you’ll cut on the right border line on the Progress page. Otherwise, you can simply punch the edge of the entire page and place it in a 3-ring binder. The choice is yours.

I hope this free Weight Watchers tracker helps you plan your day better and achieve your goals. If you like it, please comment below and share this page with a friend!

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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