OBAL 024: Start a Family Tradition with Family Game Night!

One Badass Life Podcast - Family Game NightEvery family has its traditions. We are no exception. One of our traditions is to set aside Sunday nights for our family of four to have some focused fun together. We call it our family game night! This is intentional to allow us to wrap up the weekend and focus on each other before the next week begins. A good thirty to forty minutes before bedtime is a good rule of thumb. Listen in as we breakdown our four keys to a family game night.

Four Keys to a Fun Family Game Night

  • The first key is Schedule it. We don’t just say Sunday nights. In order for this to work you need to write it down where everything else on your family’s schedule goes.
  • The second key is a Rotating Game Selection. You will get so much more by in if each member of the family gets their choice of a game. It is nearly impossible to satisfy everybody, but that should not be the focus of this time. If the younger kids want to play Chutes and Ladders, then so be it.
  • The third key is Keep it Fun. These events can go sour quick! As much as everybody wants to win, you have to keep the competitive juices at an even level. If you lose control of it, you are going to have hurt feelings, yelling and ultimately you are going to have to step in and discipline someone, therefore ending family game night.
  • The fourth and final key is Remove Distractions. This goes for us parents too. Nothing squashes the fun out of game night more than distractions.

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