OBAL 022: Disciplining Kids Without it Being a Pain in the….!

One Badass Life Podcast - Disciplining kidsNobody likes disciplining kids. That goes without saying.  As parents though, we have a charge to help our kids grow into amazing people and guide them in the ways of right and wrong.  I would have to guess that most people discipline their kids in a similar fashion that their parents did. I can only speak from my experience.

The perception of discipline changes with the generations. I remember as a kid that spanking in public was acceptable. Today you would have CPS called on you and probably try and kick your ass. For the record we don’t spank, unless it is their birthday! Disciplining kids should be more about helping them. Listen to our discussion about four constructive methods to disciplining kids without it being a pain in the ass!

Methods for Disciplining Kids

  • The first method is Time Out. This method has deteriorating results with age. That means it works better on the younger kids. As they get older, you will be fighting to get them out of their rooms.
  • The second method is Finding Collateral. This worked for us for some time. It will be different for each kid and will change as they grow up.
  • The third method is Consequences. This one will take some effort on your part. So if your kids breaks something that they use, you have to let them live without it. Don’t go replace it immediately. Seems easy right?
  • The fourth and final method is Grounding. This is the big one in our house. Grounding is the big house. If the kids do something that is beyond small stuff, they will be grounded. I like to give the analogy of professional athletes. When they get arrested for a DUI they are first punished by the local authorities. Once that is resolved, they typically get punished by their respective sports league. We are the sports league.

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