Diet Tips for Christmas Travel

diet tips for christmasAccording to AAA, almost 90 million people travelled or took a road trip over the holidays last year. I suppose at least that many more will be headed out of town to spend Christmas with friends and family. Will you be one to them? If so, here are a few diet tips for your Christmas travel.

Diet Tips for Christmas Travel

Pack Healthy Snacks

If you’re stuck at the airport, on a plane or in the middle of nowhere and hungry, it’s likely that you’ll grab the first thing that you can find regardless of whether it’s junk or not. If you pack a healthy snack like nuts, meal replacement bars, fruit or cut up vegetables, you’ll be more likely to eat that rather reach for junk food. Plus, you’ll save money. Airport food is expensive!

Bring a Jump Rope

Bring your workout clothes and portable equipment if possible. Having access to your gym wear will remind you to work out. When you work out, you feel healthy and are more likely to keep it up over the course of your trip.

I picked up the Spartan Fit jump rope from Amazon the other day for under $15 because it’s super compact and can fit in my purse. It comes with a bag and is adjustable to almost any length. Because it’s so compact, I’m able to get a decent workout anywhere I go. Whether I’m waiting on the kids to finish dance lessons or when I have a few minutes, having a jump rope in available and ready to go simply can’t be beat.

Say Ok to Occasional Treats

It’s ok to say yes to occasional treats. Just don’t go overboard and try to limit what’s in the house if possible.

When I limit myself to a few treats, I don’t think about them all day long. But when I tell myself no, I can’t stop thinking about them. The best course of action for me is to allow myself a treat every now and again.

What other tips do you have? Here are four more.

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