Inspiring People who Lost Weight and Gained Health

Who doesn’t love a story filled with only good news? With all the drama happening all around the world 24 hours a day, it can be refreshing to take a break and read or watch something inspiring.

Better yet, an inspiring story you can relate to! Have you been at a point in your life where you’ve wanted so badly to lose the weight once and for all?

Inspiring People Who Lost Weight and Gained Health

Maybe you are there now. Have you wondered, what would it really take to make a complete lifestyle 180? How can I lose weight without a fad diet and without dangerous results to my health?

Weight Watchers Inspiring Me

Here at One Badass Life, I enjoy the support of the Weight Watchers community. With its tailor-made plan for gradual, healthy weight loss that is individualized to you, the results are often positive and lasting. It has sure worked for me.

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Inspiring People Who Lost Weight and Healed their Lives

And now, on to those inspiring people we can celebrate with and perhaps emulate. They vary in age, location, and situation, but in many ways, their goal is the same: lose that weight!

Inspiring People Who Lost Weight

An Indiana Couple, Lexi and Danny

Couple loses 400 pounds in inspirational weight loss journey

What greater challenge can you overcome as a married couple than transforming your entire lifestyle and losing a collective 400 pounds?

But against all odds, this Indiana couple did it. Reevaluating their health, taking a hard look at how they used food as therapy, learning to meal plan and cook together, and pushing each other to hit the gym consistently – all were keys to their success.

“The hardest part of our journey was changing our relationship with food,” shares Lexi. But now, the gym is both therapy and quality time well spent for the now fit husband and wife.

Check out our recent article on the success Weight Watchers couples can share on the journey!

Celebrities Open Up About Weight

The Most Stunning Weight Loss Transformations Hollywood Has Ever Seen

An inspiring rundown of celebrities showing their real life battles and victories with weight and overall health. Kirstie Alley, Wendy Williams, Jennifer Hudson, Oprah, and so many more lovely leading ladies.

A Will to Walk Again

Arthur, with help from Diamond Dallas Page

From a disabled veteran 100 pounds overweight who was told he would not walk unassisted again, to . . . well, you will simply have to watch and find out. Many of us do not have nearly this far to go on our journey toward health, and it is inspiring to see someone like Arthur achieve so much. A beautiful video filled with hope.

What do These Inspiring People Have in Common?

In looking at all these healthy achievers, I discovered some commonalities:

  • Taking their “bad days” in stride. Not allowing a setback or even a seeming failure to give them the excuse to call it quits on their goals. Getting right back in the saddle!
  • Persistence in routine, whether with diet or exercise. Waking up every day and deciding, “I will continue to make healthy choices.”
  • Relying on relationships and the accountability of being real with others about your goals and dreams.
  • Developing healthy habits that become natural – rather than relying on will power alone.

Do You Have an Inspiring Story?

Perhaps you are an inspiring story . . . or will be in the near future! Share in our comments below!

New Year’s Weight Watchers Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions . . . whether they make you cringe or give you a burst of energy, the time for making New Year’s resolutions is here!

I have a friend who made a resolution this past year to start running and cut sugar from her life. Not only was she able to work hard, persevere, and succeed at both goals, but she reached the 1000-mile mark earlier this month.

Wow! What an inspiration. Now just how do I incorporate the kind of drive, gumption, and will power (or is it simply habits, routine, and positivity?) to make a new year’s resolution like this stick?

New Year's Weight Watchers Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping

With the new year just around the bend, have you been reflecting on the successes and challenges you’ve faced this past year? Resolutions kept and those fallen by the wayside? And what, for you and you alone, is a new year’s resolution worth keeping?

Perhaps you’ve already decided that this is the time to get serious about your health, with weight loss as your focus. If you’d like to join the Weight Watchers community to help you on your journey, save $10 when you use my referral link with Ebates here.

So many of us make New Year’s resolutions in a move toward better health. But that’s so vague; how do we keep momentum and drive when we just don’t feel like being healthy?

Here are some tried and true ideas to make and keep meaningful health goals in the New Year . . . or anytime!

Create New Habits and Routines

  • Change the way you speak about your food choices. “I’m not doing sugar right now” is much more empowering and positive than “I can’t have sugar.”
  • Create positive visual reminders of your goal. Find an inspiring quote and stick it on your mirror. Place a photo of a friend or celebrity who is pursuing health on the fridge.  Or you can even set out a bowl of fresh fruit on your kitchen table to remind you to grab a healthy snack. Anything personal to you that will positively support your healthy living goals!
  • Make tangible, measurable daily goals. Walking three times around the park after work, journaling one page before bed, making a healthy lunch for yourself every evening while preparing dinner. These things are easy to visualize yourself doing and plan, and thus are actually doable!

Stay Accountable with Friends

  • Tell your world through social media, email, or even starting a blog about your New Year’s resolutions.
  • Enlist a friend to call you weekly, run with you, swap homemade broth for homemade bread, or attend Weight Watchers meetings with you.
  • Buddy up to an acquaintance you know who has already succeeded in a similar goal. Ask them for specific advice about creating healthy habits, decreasing temptations, and streamlining healthy decisions.

Fun Ways to Celebrate your Resolutions’ Progress

  • Thermometer: check out this inspiring couple and their Dave Ramsey-signed debt thermometer that helped chart and celebrate progress toward paying off over $100,000!
  • Paper chain: cut out long rectangular pieces of paper from magazines, construction paper, or scrap paper. Link them together in a chain with tape and hang in a prominent place. The links could represent pounds to lose, miles to bike, or anything unique to you. Then, each time a pound or mile is achieved, snip off a link!
  • Calendar: use colorful pens or stickers to mark off each day on the calendar you stick with a particular goal.
  • Healthy Treat: indulge in three squares of dark chocolate, a dandelion coffee, a homemade fruit smoothie, or another healthy treat food of choice each week you meet your goals!
  • Gratitude Journal: keep a notebook and pen propped against your coffee pot, in your purse, or on your car’s dashboard. Throughout your day, intentionally take note of all the good things in your life. You can celebrate specific goals met, encouragement from a friend, a delicious, healthy new dish you discovered, or even the ability to rise, take in the morning sunshine, and get out for a walk.

Making New Year’s Resolutions Stick with Weight Watchers

I’ve found Weight Watchers to really fit my criteria for staying true to healthy, positive changes. Measurable goals, clear guidelines for healthy weight loss, a supportive community, accountability, flexibility with the new Freestyle program . . . the list goes on.

Whatever your personal goals this coming year, I encourage you to take action, make them bonafide New Year’s resolutions, and go for it!

Why Did I Start This Weight Watchers Blog?

I’ve often wondered and have been asked why I started this Weight Watchers blog. The fact is that I started it for Weight watchers blogmany reasons. One of the main reasons is that I figured that it would be a great way to hold myself accountable, to document my progress and become more knowledgeable along my journey. What I didn’t expect at the time was how life changing my awesome readers would end up being, offering encouragement and motivation that helped make it possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While I post what I feel is good, unbiased information, I’ve learned even more from my readers. I firmly believe that if I hadn’t started writing this weight watchers blog and built this like-minded community, I would have given up years ago.

Inspiration and Encouragement

By sharing my struggles, workouts, and even body image issues I deal with from time to time, I’ve been able to inspire and encourage myself and my readers along our weight loss journeys. It’s difficult to succeed in just about anything in life without inspiration and encouragement.


Let’s face it – our biggest enemy when it comes to weight loss is ourselves. A busy schedule, temptation, a loss of motivation, fatigue, among many other things, can cause us to lose track of our weight loss and exercise goals. Practicing self-control and holding yourself accountable will help keep you on track.

My Weight Watchers blog helps me hold myself accountable by sharing it with my readers. When you’re the only one that’s aware of your weight loss goals, it’s far too easy to let yourself slip up and not meet it. On the other hand, when you make your journey public, you will feel more responsibility to meet your goals. Telling your readers, supportive friends and family members about your specific goals, like how much weight you plan on losing and by what date, how often you plan on exercising, etc., will help you remain accountable. Readers will expect you to meet your goals, motivating you to succeed so that you don’t disappoint them.

Unbiased Source

To be an unbiased source of information regarding weight loss. Part of my goal for the Weight Watchers blog is to be an impartial resource, providing information about weight loss programs I’ve reviewed, healthy weight loss information and tips, and my unbiased thoughts regarding the latest trend in weight loss tips, supplements, etc.

Continuous Learning

I certainly don’t claim to “know it all” and don’t plan to. The fact is, life is a journey, and I will always be open to learning new things. Those who have managed to successfully lose weight and have kept it off have a lot to teach all of us. What they also know for sure is that extreme diets and exercise routines are recipes for failure. Bottom line, weight loss is a journey based on continuous learning.

I don’t sell anything on this blog. Maybe I should. But then that would make me a little more biased I think. Luckily the ads and affiliate links on this site pay for keeping this blog online. So, for now…you get me and my thoughts. I wish you the best in your Weight Watchers journey, and thanks for reading my weight watchers blog.