How to Grow Your Email List with Videos

It’s  time to grow your email list with videos. Grow Your Email List with VideosVideos are fun, entertaining, and feasible for small businesses on a tight budget. There are four ways that you can grow your email list with videos, and we’ll unpack each of them below:

  • Tell Stories
  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Humanize Your Brand

Tell Stories with Videos

Let’s face it. We’ve been watching stories on video since the early 1900s when the television was introduced to United States. With stories we can visit new places, experience new things, and become the individuals we secretly want to be. Ordinary people can watch actors who exhibit similar characteristics and imagine that they too can be the celebrity or successful tycoon. In a study titled Why Americans Love Reality TV, Psychology Today concluded that fans of reality shows value status because they measure it by level of attention. The more attention they receive, even if it’s not good, the higher the prestige. We as fans will watch theses stories with attention and commitment like no other.

Share a testimonial from your greatest fans. Let us envision how we can use your product or service to become your next success case. Here’s an example of a video scribe that I produced on the successful launch of my blog.

Educate with Videos

Videos that Educate are also trending in popularity. This is primarily due to our increasing need for answers now. We want the information today, and can’t wait for the next class to be scheduled or the next book to be released. Look at the popularity of TED talks, a place where anyone can digest content from the “greatest minds” on technology, entertainment, and design (actually it’s grown way past those topics). We want to grow and experience success. Sometimes we just need someone to show us how to get from point A to point B.

Teach us something that we can use to further our dream or challenges our beliefs. It doesn’t have to take long. In fact, the more succinct and creative you are, the happier we’ll be. Here’s a great example.

Entertain with Videos

Videos that entertain provide great value to our society, and can be somewhat categorized as an addiction. Generally, we tend to relax and become passive watchers as the events unfold before our eyes. With a fluctuating economy and stress-filled days the norm, it’s no wonder why we gravitate to a world that takes us away from the normalcy of our hectic lives. We simply need a break from reality sometimes.

Give us a chance to laugh, cry, and connect with your brand. Even if the only time we see your brand is in the “sponsored by” section.

Humanize Your Brand with Videos

For years we’ve been bombarded with messages that speak, “buy me now” in volumes. We are answering the advertising call less and less. Instead, we’re  increasingly  using social media to validate performing companies prior to engaging in a purchase transaction. It’s more important than ever to show your prospects and customers that your business is more than just an entity.

Show us your company, culture, and process. Soon we’ll begin to realize that your product is more than something we need, it’s something that does good for our society because it creates jobs, happiness, and freedom. We all want a little bit of freedom.

Grow Your Email List with Videos

Now it’s time to grow your email list with videos. It’s time to show them that you’re human, and that you care. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth so much more. Video scribing is a great way to get started. Click here learn more.

The Successful Launch of A Blog or Business With Social Media

Social media is amazing and can truly help any business have a successful launch.  I’m proof of that.  This week I formally launched my blog and my views went through the roof. That translated to orders for my semi-custom whiteboard animation service and we’re busy getting those filled.  It’s such a great feeling and I wanted to share this week’s list of AWESOME with you.  Here’s what we have to be thankful for this week:

1. Making the top of the list is a tweet from Dave Ramsey that sent his followers to our You Tube video that was posted on Monday. Wow!  Dave Ramsey liked our white board animation.  Let me catch my breath.  Breathe girl, breathe:

Dave Ramsey Tweeted My Video

2. Which was followed shortly by a direct message from one of my ultimate FAVORITE authors Jon Acuff.  He thought the video was awesome. So cool that he let me know on Twitter.  Can you see me dancing yet?  Yep, I’m excited.

JON ACUFF Direct Messaged Me

3.  Followed by our almost 1,000 views and 8 likes of our Start Book Review on You Tube. Wow! People really like whiteboard animations!

You Tube Video Start Book Review

4. Next Up is our launch of ready made templates.  One of our products already has 100 views and no Dave Ramsey tweet on that one. People love whiteboard animation!
People Love Whiteboard Animation

5. Our Amazon review is trending well and one person even said “This is seriously the most amazing review I’ve ever seen.”

Amazon Review Best Review Ever

So if you don’t think social media works…think again. Our whiteboard animations are unique, cool, and get more views than the average post. Let us help you with your semi-custom animation. We do this at a fraction of the cost that our custom competitors charge. Why pay for custom to get the same message out?  Visit our store here.

Are you a blogger that’s interested in doing whiteboards on your website like me?  Well, stay tuned because we’re launching Whiteboard Animation University soon!