Targeting Your Customers: It’s Not Just About Demographics

New research from Infusionsoft suggests that it’s not just about demographics when targeting your customers. You also need to have a good understanding of your customers attitudes, beliefs, and corresponding behaviors. In the whitepaper published by Infusionsoft this month, I discuss the four types of buyers: Strivers, Customizers, Maximizers, and Supporters and how vendors can work with each buyer to increase the probability of success.

Targeting Your Customers

Once you know the customer type, you can begin to customize your conversation with them.

  • Strivers-For Strivers, you’ll need to focus on the processes that are necessary for your product to function well. Help Strivers discover and implement good business processes by providing tools, education, and recommendations. This should be seen as complementary to your business and can be implemented through blog posts, online learning, and recorded webinars to reduce the resources required.
  • Customizers-Customizers believe that what they do is so boutique that infrastructure may end up hindering their business instead of helping it. Demonstrated success in similar businesses and provide success stories to help Customizers bridge the gap between apprehension and implementation.
  • Maximizers-Everyone loves a positive return on investment and Maximizers are no different.  What’s unique about Maximizers is that they tend to fully utilize the capabilities that they purchase.  Show Maximizers how they can improve their business through increasing sales while reducing costs and headcount. They’ll love you for it.
  • Supporters-Supporters appreciate businesses that understand the uniqueness of their niche. For small businesses, that means being in touch with the difficulties, such as long work days, weekends at the office, and the never ending to do list. Show supporters that you’ve walked in their shoes and can relate to their business. Build trust through your trials and show them how you’ve persevered. Take time to nurture the relationship and you’ll win their support.

When you speak to customers as individuals, you’ll begin to build a relationship that lasts.  Knowing who they are is the first step. When targeting your customers always be aware that it’s not just about demographics. They’re a whole other layer to consider.

Targeting Your Customers