OBAL 023: The Badass Bootcamp for Saving Money

One Badass Life Podcast - Saving MoneyIn prior podcasts we have discussed budgeting and finances around travel, college savings, etc. We figured it was a good time to have a talk about saving money in the everyday things you do. Who doesn’t like saving money, right? I know we like to. As with everything there is a tradeoff of effort versus savings. Our hope is that the tools we discuss in this podcast, if implemented, will help you save money so that you can do badass stuff that you couldn’t afford before. Join our Badass Boot camp to Saving Money with the four tools that we use in our everyday life.

Four Tools for Saving Money

  • The first tool is the Internet. You can find everything you need on the internet. As far as saving goes, we have our stash of money saving sites and tricks to make our purchases just a little bit cheaper.
  • The second tool is utilizing a reward credit card. We must first discern that this tool is only effective if you pay off your card monthly. Any rewards you may gain will never be sufficient to offset interest you would have to pay if you kept a balance for more than a month. With that being said the strategy is two-fold.
  • The third tool is the use of Coupons and Sales. This is where you really have to be careful with the amount of time you invest in comparison to what you can save. To best optimize the savings here, we tend to bundle both sales and coupons.
  • The fourth and final tool is a Budget Audit. Don’t get scared by this. What we mean by this is reviewing what you are spending money on and truly assessing if the cost is worth it.

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