You Can’t Work Off a Bad Diet

Remember back in the day when you could eat just about anything you wanted and not gain weight? bad dietOr maybe you did struggle and even now can’t seem to drop any pounds. Unfortunately, losing weight gets even harder as we age.  Even if you could workout 24/7 (who does that?), you simply can’t work off a bad diet that’s based on sugar-laden treats and high fat, high-calorie foods.

The truth is, all the crunches and cardio in the world won’t create a sleek physique if you’re following an unhealthy diet. While it’s true that consuming excess calories calls for additional exercise, it’s impossible to get enough exercise to make up for eating a massive cheeseburger, “super-sized” French fries and a large milkshake is sadly, not an unusual combo for most people today.

Are You a Professional Athlete?

If you’re one of those people who frequently justifies  eating huge pasta dinners and fried chicken by taking a spin class or Zumba, it’s time to recalculate just how many calories you’re actually burning off compared to those your consuming. Most of us aren’t professional athletes, meaning we don’t need the same amount and type of fuel that the pros consume.

Eating high carb snacks or meals might make sense for a competitive athlete, but it doesn’t for someone whose idea of exercising is a two-mile run or boot camp class three days a week. Instead, make healthier food choices that include lean protein (grilled, skinless chicken, fish, tofu, etc.) and every once in a while treat self-talk to your favorite spaghetti. Yes, it’s OK to have some of your favorite foods once in a while, but if you truly want to achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss, it’s important not to make it a habit.

More about Moderation

While adhering to the belief of “everything in moderation” can be a real diet killer, if you feel you have the control to treat yourself once in a while without slipping back into unhealthy eating habits permanently, it can help you stick to making healthy choices the majority of the time. It’s a fact that the more you try to eliminate your favorite foods, the more feelings of deprivation and resentment will build up, usually resulting in the undoing of all the hard work you’ve put into building healthy eating habits. Research has shown that 95% of the people who follow an extremely restrictive diet to lose weight will end up putting the weight back on when they switch back to normally eating again.

Bad Diets are Motivation Killers

Whether you’re overindulging in high fat, high carb foods, consuming too many or not enough calories, or drinking too much alcohol, all will lead to your being less motivated to exercise. When we eat well and by “well” we mean healthy food choices, we’re more motivated to exercise. When we consistently exercise, we’re more motivated to eat healthier – it’s a win-win situation.

Don’t Beat Yourself up

Have you ever had this happen to you? You start to lose weight, feeling confident and hopeful. You just know things are going to be different this time. Then, you end up overindulging and end up feeling like a failure. This is usually when the negative self talk begins – I’ll never lose weight! I might as well give up! I can’t do anything right! Putting yourself through a mental beat down isn’t going to help you lose weight. So stop demeaning yourself and focus on your strengths, not  imaginary flaws.

You Can’t Work off a Bad Diet

It takes time to develop healthy habits. What’s important is to keep trying. You can’t work off a bad diet. Following a well-balanced, nutritionally rich plan will help you lose weight and most important of all, keep it off. Sign up for Weight Watchers or 21-Day Fix and get a gift card by signing up for Ebates here.

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