Hi there! Welcome to my blog.

My name is Tracie and I created this blog as a place to share my get healthy journey. Yes, I do talk alot about weight loss. But, for me…it’s a journey to heal my body, mind and spirit.

Please note that I’m not a nutritionist, doctor, or anyone as cool as that. I’m just a gal who does a lot of research on topics that I’m interested in and am passionate about sharing it with anyone who wants to improve their health.

I’ve tried every diet on the planet. From low carb, to low fat, to all protein to HCG, to Jenny Craig to Weight Watchers. You name it, I’ve tried it. I’ve been successful on every one of them. I’m competitive that way. But, the weight likes to come right back after I’ve completed the diet.

So I’m done with dieting. I still use Weight Watchers and many, many, many, books, podcasts, and programs to learn about nutrition. I’m not perfect with any one plan because I’m on a journey to figure out my own unique plan. One that works for a gal who doesn’t want to count points or Smart Points for the rest of her life. A journey that leads to a healthy happy body, which I currently have and continue to work on.

I don’t have my medical records in front of me, but I believe my highest weight was in the 230s or maybe the 240s. I am currently in the 190s. I don’t attribute any one thing to my weight loss, but instead attribute it to my focus and determination for a healthy me.

I surround myself with podcasts, research and anything that helps me stay positive and on the path to health. I’ve even switched my views from one who LOVED what ever the government said (military brat culture – don’t question your orders), to now questioning everything I hear and read. When I learn something new, I ask myself one basic question, “Who stands to gain or lose from this information”. Follow the money, and you’ll eyes will be opened.

So, I’m here…living one badass life that I love. I have two kids and a wonderful husband that I snagged before any other gal could take him over two decades ago. And I figure…if a gal like me can live one badass life, then why not you too?

ONE BADASS LIFE is about helping you succeed in ALL aspects of your life. It’s about pushing through the hard times,  battling your demons, and making the choice to live life to its fullest potential each and every day. I want you to be happy, healthy, and confident in your journey to become the beautiful person GOD made you to be.

Yes…I said God. I know that makes people mad. But, he is the creator and provider of all things and he is my king. If you hate me because of this, that’s totally cool. I forgive you. There are a ton of other health blogs out there, please feel free to move along.

I live by the following four beliefs in everything I do:

  1. God is the great I AM. He directs my life, always.
  2. I believe that you can achieve your dreams especially as it relates to family, finances, fun and freedom.
  3. I believe that you can learn anything; and when armed with the right knowledge and tools, you can accomplish your dreams.
  4. I believe that owning a successful business or getting education for an amazing career doesn’t have to break the bank; and with the right strategy place, you can have financial peace in your business or in your career journey.
  5. I believe that by helping people achieve their dreams, relationships will flourish; and when relationships flourish, the people in those relationships thrive too.
  6. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Good and bad. When bad things happen, I believe that I don’t know enough about the situation and my eyes are not yet opened to the good that may come from it; good related to me or maybe to someone else.


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Disclaimer:  This blog is NOT a substitute for any advice given to you by your physician, doctor, nutritionist or counselor. Use of the blog, programs, advice, and information contained in this website is at the sole choice and risk of the reader.

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  1. Thank you soooo much. I have been on WW for 3 months and have had no success because I do it for about 2 days and stop, then start, and so on and so on. My weakness is definitely sweets but I hate calculating points, so I sincerely appreciate all the effort that you put into the candy list and your blog in general! You are very kind, and I just wanted to let you know that your efforts are appreciated. 🙂