8 Tips for Conference Attendees: Get the Most Out of Your Conference Experience

8 Tips for Conference Attendees

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Conferences are a great way to learn a ton of information in a short amount of time. They’re also a great way to reenergize your business, make new connections and establish life-long relationships. Here are 8 tips for conference attendees to ensure you get the most of out of your conference attendance.

8 Tips for Conference Attendees

1. Get the Best Seat

Sit a close to the front as possible. This is where all of the serious people sit. There are less distractions, less opportunities to checkout, and more chances to engage with the speaker. I treat conferences like I do a Depeche Mode concert. I make my way to the front row and take in every single word.

2. Do Your Homework

Learn everything you can about the speakers and their topics before the conference. Engage with them on social media and let them know you’re looking forward to their lecture. This makes the transfer of learning easier since you’re already familiar with their speaking style and topic.

3. Engage with the Speakers

Listen attentively and write down questions. If there’s a chance to ask questions after the lecture be sure to take advantage of that opportunity. While everyone is rushing to get to the next lecture, pause for a moment and let the speakers know what you enjoyed about the lecture. If you learned something, follow up with them and let them know how you’ll apply the technique they mentioned.  Speakers love to hear how you’re implementing the tips and tricks they’ve shared with you.

4. Buy the Video Library

Often times the video library is a few hundred dollars. This is a cheap way to make sure you get all of the information, rather than having to miss out on concurrent sessions. This also saves you the hassle and stress of trying to make sure you don’t miss a thing. You’re hands will also appreciate not having to write or type so much.

5. Purchase Materials

Often times you’ll get an attendee discount on books and training when you attend a conference. If you’ve done your homework and know the speaker and their offerings, you’ll be prepared to take advantage of a special deal and reduce the changes of buyers remorse.

6. Stay Healthy

Ensure that you stay hydrated and fed. Learning transfer is less likely to occur on an empty stomach. Be sure that you take a protein bar or granola bar with you just in case you need it. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after the conference.

It’s best if you can focus on the conference and leave you work at the office. However, often times you’ll need to work during the night after a long day at the conference. Try not to work too much. Remember to get some sleep so that you can be alert and ready to go the next day.

7. Bring Breath Mints

There’s nothing like stinky breath to make a gal want to grab your card an move on to the next conference attendee. Bring a pack of breath mints to keep the conversation going.

8. Business Cards

Business cards are still a great way to stay in contact and they’re pretty cheap. Bring them with you so that you can hand them out. Be sure to follow up with all of the attendees that gave you one. This will jump start the development of a great business relationship.

What are your tips for a successful conference?




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