Plexus and Intermittent Fasting Day 1

Today is day one of my Plexus and Intermittent fasting plan, but before I share more, I want to take a moment to apologize to you. I’m so sorry that it’s been such a long time since I’ve updated you on the progress of my weight loss. I’m embarrassed to say that I’m up quite a bit since last time we chatted. I’m up 25 lbs, 10 of those from the recent COVID-19 lockdowns. It’s frustrating, humiliating, but also humbling. I’ve been trying, but not hard enough.

I Never Give Up!

Over the last few years, I haven’t stopped trying to lose weight. I’ve tried Keto, Weight Watchers (more times than anything), Intermittent Fasting, low carb, Faithful Finish lines, and more. I also joined a gym, bought exercising plans, and kept up my daily walks, but the truth is that no matter how hard I exercise…I can not work off a bad diet. Period. It seems like losing weight in my forties is much more challenging than I thought it would be. But I’m not giving up! I just need to try something new.

Plexus and Intermittent Fasting

My good friend and holistic health coach Carrie has been asking me to try Plexus for over a year now. I’ll admit, I did everything but that! So after yet another unsuccessful attempt at Weight Watchers, I decided to give Plexus a try. Hence today’s post. This way I can document what I’m doing, and share an honest journey in the Plexus wheelhouse from day one. I’m not sure if I will be a success story, but I am willing to give this a shot for at least 60 days. Why 60 days? Well…because if I really hate it and don’t lose anything, I will still be able to get a refund for the supplements – so it’s low risk.

My Plexus supplements include Slim, MetaBurn, and Balance. There’s actually a really great way to get these at wholesale cost, so if you’re interested in them…just let me know (my contact information is on the top of the website here and you can also chat with me on Facebook) and I will share the deal with you.

  • I take one Metaburn upon waking up. Since I can’t take pills, I dump the contents of the pills into a small glass of water. It tastes like pepper going down – yuck, so I follow it up with black decaf coffee and then go brush my teeth.
  • I go for a nice two-mile walk to get my heart rate up a bit and my blood pumping before I start working.
  • I drink lots of water and another cup of decaf to start my day.
  • I take two Balance pills the same way I take the Metaburn, but I take them 20-30 minutes before my first meal – which is around 11:30 AM. I eat a normal lunch, which today is a 1/2 sandwich and a small Activa yogurt. The Balance pill tastes like tea and is palatable.
  • I drink one Slim packet in 20 oz of water 1-2 hours after my first meal.
  • I have a snack around 2PM. Today it’s fruit.
  • I eat dinner around 6PM.
  • I end my day with a 1-2 mile walk.
  • If I eat anything else, it has to be before 7:30 PM since my window for eating is 8 hours.

Plexus and Intermittent Fasting Facebook Group

I do appreciate that there is a Facebook group to help me as I start my journey. It’s lead by a girl that’s lost 80 lbs in the last year using both Plexus and Intermittent Fasting. For the next two weeks she’s gonna share her story, process, and encouragement. If you want to join the next one, just let me know (my contact information is on the top of the website here and you can also chat with me on Facebook). This is a closed Facebook group.

Putting My Health First

Since I’m putting it all out there and being honest about everything today…I’ll also tell you that I rarely put myself first. I’m lucky if I make 2nd or 3rd place. For example, I just purchased both of my boys new sets of weights. I didn’t care about the cost. I just wanted to help them continue their weight lifting regimens although the gyms are closed. I wanted to buy a piece of fitness equipment for myself, but chose not to because of the cost. Starting Plexus and Intermittent Fasting is reminding me to put myself and my health first.

Part of putting my health first means trying new things. I decided to try spin cycling. One of my girlfriends, April who also has a knee replacement says it’s really helped her. I bought this (affiliate links follow) bike on Amazon and it comes in two days. I also bought the mat and Wahoo cadence monitor so I can work out with the Peleton App. If I like spinning, I’ll eventually upgrade, but for now, this hack is about 15% the cost of a Peleton and is a good start – especially since the gyms are closed. It comes in a few days so I’ll update you when we get it all set up, and I’ll let you know if I actually like spinning.

I don’t know where this journey will take me and to be honest, it’s really scary being so open about it here. But if my journey helps one person take charge of their health…it will be worth it. So let’s do it.

Is Fasting Part of Healthy Weight Loss?

Losing and Maintaining Weight Naturally

As we’re now firmly into the season of Lent (Easter is April 1st this year), many people are taking time to reflect, slow down, and sacrificially give up something they enjoy. Coffee and chocolate are among perennial favorites. Maybe you’ve considered occasional fasting, and perhaps you are wondering if fasting is actually a help or a hindrance to losing and maintaining a healthy weight.

In this post, we’ll also explore whether occasional fasting is compatible with a healthy diet such as Weight Watchers. Personally, I love Weight Watchers’ method of gradual, healthy weight loss through proven means and great community. If you’re interested in joining, save yourself $10 with my Ebates link here.

Purposes and Traditions of Fasting

Fasting, or abstaining from food and often drink besides water, is a common tradition in Judaism, Catholicism, and Islam. The traditional purposes of fasting are many, but unsurprisingly, are not connected with weight loss. First world, modern day problem, am I right?

But we can still gain some perspective from looking back in history. In the Old Testament, we can see Jews observing a fast for several occasions and reasons. There were fasts on calendar-specific days of remembrance, in times of mourning, in times of seeking the Lord’s favor, for atonement, and for personal piety, to name the major ones. Did you know, some Medieval Jews even observed fasting after a bad dream, in order that it not come true?

Stages of Fasting for Your Body

Some health proponents of fasting discuss several stages of progress and change as fasting moves through days, and perhaps weeks in duration. The phases cited in a prolonged water fast include:

  • Hunger, lack of energy
  • “Battery save mode,” in which your body uses energy very efficiently
  • Increased heart health
  • Ketosis, in which your body burns primarily fat
  • Weight loss
  • Detoxifying
  • Clear-mindedness
  • Deeper healing and resolving of health issues

Types of Fasting

You may think, fasting is simply not eating, right? I thought so too, until I looked more into the wide world of fasting and various diets that employ it. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Dry fasts, as practiced during Ramadan
  • Water fasting
  • Cleansing fasts, such as for the colon, which employs only liquids with lemon juice, a bit of sugar, and cayenne.
  • Partial fasts, which requires abstaining from particular kinds of food. An example is The Daniel Fast.
  • Liquid protein fasts, often medically supervised for weight loss for obesity.
  • Diagnostic fasts, in preparation for a medical test or procedure.

Getting Back into Regular Eating After Fasting

After a period of fasting, it’s important for your body to ease back into regular, healthy eating with foods that are easy to digest. According to Sarah Pope of The Healthy Home Economist,

“The correct way to break a fast after eating no solid food whatsoever for 10 days is gently and slowly with foods that are very easy to digest like homemade soup or perhaps eggs and fruit and maybe a slice or two of bacon .  .  .”

Fasting: the Takeaway

Bottom line, your body and your health are your own. If something in the health world sparks your interest, it could certainly be worth taking a harder look into.

People have had success treating Lyme disease with a raw milk fast? The GAPS diet, which begins with a bone broth fast, is employed to heal a range of issues from digestive to neurological?

It is fascinating to me after looking into fasting what a break from “regular” foods can do for our bodies. I for one now see fasting less as a fad or extreme way to lose weight but as an age-old way to reset and heal. When done safely and properly, fasting can additionally be part of a health regimen for long-term weight maintenance.

Inspiring People who Lost Weight and Gained Health

Who doesn’t love a story filled with only good news? With all the drama happening all around the world 24 hours a day, it can be refreshing to take a break and read or watch something inspiring.

Better yet, an inspiring story you can relate to! Have you been at a point in your life where you’ve wanted so badly to lose the weight once and for all?

Inspiring People Who Lost Weight and Gained Health

Maybe you are there now. Have you wondered, what would it really take to make a complete lifestyle 180? How can I lose weight without a fad diet and without dangerous results to my health?

Weight Watchers Inspiring Me

Here at One Badass Life, I enjoy the support of the Weight Watchers community. With its tailor-made plan for gradual, healthy weight loss that is individualized to you, the results are often positive and lasting. It has sure worked for me.

If you’re ready to begin a healthy road toward weight loss and would like to join Weight Watchers, I invite you to use our $10 off Ebates coupon!

Inspiring People Who Lost Weight and Healed their Lives

And now, on to those inspiring people we can celebrate with and perhaps emulate. They vary in age, location, and situation, but in many ways, their goal is the same: lose that weight!

Inspiring People Who Lost Weight

An Indiana Couple, Lexi and Danny

Couple loses 400 pounds in inspirational weight loss journey

What greater challenge can you overcome as a married couple than transforming your entire lifestyle and losing a collective 400 pounds?

But against all odds, this Indiana couple did it. Reevaluating their health, taking a hard look at how they used food as therapy, learning to meal plan and cook together, and pushing each other to hit the gym consistently – all were keys to their success.

“The hardest part of our journey was changing our relationship with food,” shares Lexi. But now, the gym is both therapy and quality time well spent for the now fit husband and wife.

Check out our recent article on the success Weight Watchers couples can share on the journey!

Celebrities Open Up About Weight

The Most Stunning Weight Loss Transformations Hollywood Has Ever Seen

An inspiring rundown of celebrities showing their real life battles and victories with weight and overall health. Kirstie Alley, Wendy Williams, Jennifer Hudson, Oprah, and so many more lovely leading ladies.

A Will to Walk Again

Arthur, with help from Diamond Dallas Page

From a disabled veteran 100 pounds overweight who was told he would not walk unassisted again, to . . . well, you will simply have to watch and find out. Many of us do not have nearly this far to go on our journey toward health, and it is inspiring to see someone like Arthur achieve so much. A beautiful video filled with hope.

What do These Inspiring People Have in Common?

In looking at all these healthy achievers, I discovered some commonalities:

  • Taking their “bad days” in stride. Not allowing a setback or even a seeming failure to give them the excuse to call it quits on their goals. Getting right back in the saddle!
  • Persistence in routine, whether with diet or exercise. Waking up every day and deciding, “I will continue to make healthy choices.”
  • Relying on relationships and the accountability of being real with others about your goals and dreams.
  • Developing healthy habits that become natural – rather than relying on will power alone.

Do You Have an Inspiring Story?

Perhaps you are an inspiring story . . . or will be in the near future! Share in our comments below!